listen: “tomorrow” – niki & the dove

Subpop really knows good music, and Niki & the Dove is no exception. This track is incredible.

“If tomorrow comes/ I wanna waste my love on you.”

Those are the words that kick off the pounding chorus of “Tomorrow,” a new song from Swedish electropop trio Niki & the Dove.  The song is a track from the groups first full-length release, which will be out May 15th in the UK via Mercury and August 7th in the U.S. via Sub Pop.  (By the way, we’re supposed to wait almost 3 months for this?  Thank god for international shipping.)

The synth-heavy sound, combined with the strong vocals of Malin Dahlström, is reminiscent of Zola Jesus and Florence & the Machine.  You can listen to a 5-track album sampler on YouTube, but if you’re new to this band, “Tomorrow” – which you can stream below – is a great place to start.

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