The Summer of Albums

I apologize for my recent absence to those eagerly awaiting an update (all 1 of you, hi mom), and I l be forcing myself to abide by a strict Tuesday/Thursday schedule upon my return from a wonderful week-long road trip to New Orleans. But enough about me; here are the albums I’m excited for this summer, and why you should be on the look-out for them.

Smashing Pumpkins -Oceania

This name should not be new to you. The Smashing Pumpkins, lead by bald-and-brilliant Billy Corgan, have inspired a generation of alternative rock that embraces a darker side of grunge without sacrificing beauty. Each of their releases barring their most recent, Zeitgeist, have pushed the envelope in alternative music and delivered some of the best singles in the history of the genre. My respect for Corgan’s longevity merits at least one listen-through.

Dirty Projectors- Swing Lo Magellan

Bitte Orca was one cool breeze of an album, and the bands’ unique vocal arrangements made them fun to listen to. They had established quite a discography before  I jumped on that I unfortunately have yet to fully explore, but Bitte Orca and their joint project with Bjork has me wanting for more.

Passion Pit- Gossamer

This may or may not be the highlight of my list. Michael Angelakos has encapsulated me with his music since his EP he wrote for his girlfriend in 2008. The full length, Manners, that followed blew me away and I have been digging in the desert for another drop of this groups’ sweet songwriting ever since. On July 24th, I will reach the oasis. If you have never listened to them, and enjoy bright synth-soaked joy, do yourself a favor and listen to Manners, and this.

Niki & The Dove- Instinct

Recently signed onto Sub-Pop Records, this duo has provided some promising singles, and from the little I’ve heard, the full length should be impressive. As far as style goes, they remind me of a mix between The Knife and Ellie Goulding; they have a very electronic sound with a strong lead vocalist.

Animal Collective- Centipede Hz

Deakin promised that it would be weird, and I hope it is. Animal Collective hooked me with their most recent outing Merriweather Post Pavilion, and I fell in love with earlier albums Feels and Sung Tongs. For those of you unfamiliar with them, imagine four friends making animal sounds and singing harmonies over a variety of loops and melodies while playing live drums. Then imagine them passing all the energy and joy that they took making this music into you. If you’re still wary, try this out.

Well that’s my say for now. Looking forward, expect honest reviews for each of these albums, as well as insight into what is looking like a wonderful fall of new releases. Peace.


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