listen: “tomorrow” – niki & the dove

Subpop really knows good music, and Niki & the Dove is no exception. This track is incredible.

“If tomorrow comes/ I wanna waste my love on you.”

Those are the words that kick off the pounding chorus of “Tomorrow,” a new song from Swedish electropop trio Niki & the Dove.  The song is a track from the groups first full-length release, which will be out May 15th in the UK via Mercury and August 7th in the U.S. via Sub Pop.  (By the way, we’re supposed to wait almost 3 months for this?  Thank god for international shipping.)

The synth-heavy sound, combined with the strong vocals of Malin Dahlström, is reminiscent of Zola Jesus and Florence & the Machine.  You can listen to a 5-track album sampler on YouTube, but if you’re new to this band, “Tomorrow” – which you can stream below – is a great place to start.

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Sigur Ros Announce Tour Dates

Icelandic Post-Rock group Sigur Rós have announced a North America tour to go along with their new album Valtari, which will be released on May 30th. For those of you who have never experienced Sigur Rós, you are missing out on an amazing group. The lead singer, who goes by the name of Jonsí, has an incredible powerful falsetto, and the instrumentation on many of their tracks is absolutely breathtaking. Their music has been featured on several different commercials, and this one is probably the most recognizable. Do yourself a favor and listen to Takk… all the way through.

For those of you familiar with the band, check out the new single.

Spine Hits – Sleepy Sun

Sleepy Sun is an apt name or this lazy California rock outfit, a fact that can be recognized from the first few seconds of their new release, Spine Hits. The guitar jams, the singers harmonize, and the drummer hammers along, each member adding to the overall calm, dreamy, summery feel that envelopes the album. Lead singer Bret Constantino channels both the Shins and Manchester Orchestra vibes, but the song structures varie from similarities to U2 to Soundgarden to a ‘Lucy in the Sky’ era Beatles. It’s an interesting mix, and not one to be passed off as another yawn-worthy indie band. For such a lazy band, they just can’t seem to stand still. In this case, that’s a very good thing.

Check out my pick Creatures. Note: All picks will now be linked to Spotify, a great free music streaming program available here.

My Old Blog

My Old Blog

I used to use Tumblr for this sort of thing, but I’ve moved on to a more professional environment. Though some of the posts are outdated, those of you unfamiliar with my tastes or style can still get a feel for me, in a manner of speaking. I’ll still be posting there to cover all my bases, but it will probably be identical to what I post here.

Boys & Girls- Alabama Shakes

For those of you that don’t know, Alabama Shakes is a band formed in, you guessed it, Athens, Alabama in 2009. Their throwback sound reminds me of a more modern Motown, and singer Brittany Howard could not fit anymore soul within her exquisite vocal melodies. Whether it be a slow waltz, or a southern rock jam session that strangely works within their instrumentation, Howard’s’ blues wails take center stage.

If you’re looking for energetic, classic southern blues with a rock tinge and a Motown vibe, look no further than Alabama Shakes.
Check out my personal pick, I Found You.